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Cheap Europe - Rome

Find the Cheapest Food, Drinks, Hotels in Europe


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  • Drinks -
  • Artu Cafe -
    • Good place for drinks with free snacks. Not touristy at all. It has the real Roman feel. Open at 7:00PM so get there when they open to get the cheap food.
    • Location - Piazza S. Egidio
  • Wine Bar -
    • Excellent place to people watch. Located in a large plaza with not as many venders. The wait staff are very friendly. Beer around 5 Euros for .4 liter.
    • Location
  • Cafe di marzio -
    • Great little place in a non-touristy part of Rome. Friendly people and great atmosphere. Espresso around .7 Euro.
    • Location
  • Ice Oasi -
    • Right up the street from the Coliseum but far enough away to not be crowded. Beer about 5 Euros for .4 liter
    • Location
      • Sas Di Andraloro S. Via Dei Pastini 18
  • l'Enotec Antica di Via Della Croce.
    • Location - 00187 Roma
      • Go to bottom of the Spanish Step, Go right to the end of the plaza. Turn left and go a few blocks. Its on the Left.


  • Food -
  • Vin Allegro - Free Buffet - All You Can Eat
    • Great place for food and drinks. This is where the locals go. The food is very good. Happy hour starts at  5:00PM and goes until 9:00PM.
    • Location
  • Divin Peccato -
    • This place is not only recommended by the Flight Attendants, but an Italian Speaker whose family lives in Rome. Reasonably price.
    • Location
  • L'isola della Pizza
    • Recommended by the Flight Attendants, a favorite of the crews. Reasonably price.
    • Location
    NY.LON Seven Hours Forty- Free Buffet - All You Can Eat
    • Good place for food and drinks. This is in the area locals go. The food is good. Happy hour starts at  7:00PM.
    • Location
  • Long Island Night Cafe - Free Buffet - All You Can Eat
    • Good place for food and drinks. This is in the area locals go. The food is good. Happy hour starts at  6:00PM and goes until 9:00PM.
    • Location
  • Artu Cafe - 2 Euro - All You Can Eat
    • Good place for drinks with free snacks. Not touristy at all. It has the real Roman feel. Open at 7:00PM so get there when they open.
    • Location
  • CUL DE SAC -
  • Restorante Ciao Bella -
  • da Olimpio
    • Cucina Romana Restaraunt, Specialties are Fritto Vegetale and Olive Ascolane.Great place with reasonable prices and lots of locals
    • Locations - Via degli Avignonesi, 37-38
  • La Pace Del Palato -
    • Tell the your with the airlines and ask for the Antipasto Plates. Great place to get good food. Dinner was 8.5 Euros WITH a carat of wine.
    • Via Del Teatro Pace, 42A/43
  • Ristorante La Cantinola -
  • da Francesco - Suggested by Flight Attendents
  • The Old Bear - Good Food, Resonalby Priced. Great Lasagne with Truffels. Tell them your are airline crew and you heard about them from us.
  • Enoteca Nibbi -
    • Cheap but tasty sandwiches, around 2.5 Euros. Around the corner from Savoy Hotel.
    • Locations - Via Emilia, 44
  • Trattoria "da Luigi" - Great Restaurant which takes Great Care of airline employees. Be sure to tell them your airline and ask for the Antipasto which will be at a highly discounted price. Best Penne alla Vodka in Rome.Our waiter, Monir, took great care of us. Tell them your are airline crew and you heard about them from us. Closed Mondays 
  • Restaurant 34
    • Location
      • Go to bottom of the Spanish Step, Go right to the end of the plaza. Turn left and go a few blocks. Its on the Left.


  • Snacks
  • Giolitti-
    • Over 100 Flavors of Gelato. Flight crews rate this as the best Gelato in Rome. The most I have found
    • Location - Via Uffici del Vicario,40 Rome


  • Hotel -
  • Rentals - Rent a Villa. Its more affordable than you think!
  • Hotel Savoy

    Hotel: 4-star hotels, 2-star prices (468x60 v2)

    This is the highest price you should pay for a hotel.

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  • B&B -
  • La Terrazza Sul Mare - Ocean View and close to Beach.
    Room Rate is Euro 100.00 include. Shuttle service to and from airport and breakfast. Many restaurants , pubs near by and close to subway to down town Rome. Owned by Airline employee so tell them you heard about it from Non Rev Web Site.




  • 1) Vatican Museums - FREE - Save $14
    • It contains masterpieces from ancient times onwards acquired or commissioned Popes over centuries. It includes the Sistine Chapel, with Michelangelo's Last Judgment. FREE on the last Sunday of the month.
    • Location - Vatican City, Rome
  • 2) St Peter's Square
  • 3) Pantheon - FREE
    • Erected by Agrippa in 27 B.C. to the tutelary divinities of the Julia family. In reality Agrippa's building was destroyed by a great fire in A.D. 80. The interior measures 43,40 metres in diametre, and the same in height. Light and air still enter through the opening at the top (a circle of 8m. 92cms in diameter).
    • Location - Piazza della Rotonda
  • 4)Theater of Pompeus/ Da Pancrazio - FREE
    • This is the spot where Caesar was assassinated. The Theater of Pompeus had a special Curia where Senators would meet to discuss politics, and is where Brutus acted on the "Ides of March." The Restaurant is over the spot which they will let you see. This is a great place to eat and experience history.
    • Location - Piazza Del Biscone 92, Rome
  • 5) Luigi Pigorini Museum of Prehistory and Ethonography - FREE
  • 6) Via Ostiense Museum - FREE
    • Explorers the history of the Rome-Ostia road with noteworthy models of ancient Ostia and the Harbours of Claudius and Trajan.
    • Location - Via R. Persichetti 3, Rome
  • 7) Historic Museum of the Liberation - FREE
    • Documents the Nazi occupation and the Roman resistance. Housed in ex-SS headquarters, a site of interrogation, touture, and murder
    • Location - Via Tasso 145, Rome
  • 8) Numismatic Museum of the Italian Mint - FREE
  • 9) City of Fire - FREE
    • The evolution of the Fire Service in Rome through a series of exhibits. A fascinating story featuring emperors,popes, and the heros protecting the public from fire.
    • Location - Via Galvani 2, Rome
  • 10) MARCO Future - FREE
    • Art shows and installations at Rome's ex-Mattatoio (abattoir) in hip Testaccio. Free Tours
    • Location - Piazza Giustiniani 4, Rome
  • 11) Trevi Fountain - FREE
    • The Trevi Fountain  is the largest  standing and most ambitious of the Baroque fountains of Rome. 25.9 meters (85 feet) high and 19.8 meters (65 feet) wide.
    • Location - Located in the rione of Trevi.
    • Virtual Breadcrumbs©  
  • 12) Spanish Steps - FREE
    • Named because they are close to Spanish Embassy, this famous stairway leads to a wonderful Piazza.
    • Location - Piazza di Spagna, Rome 
  • 13) Piazza Navona - FREE
    •  It features sculptural and architectural creations by Gian Lorenzo Bernini, whose famous Fontana dei Quattro Fiumi  stands in the center; and the church of Sant'Agnese in Agone.
    • Location - Piazza Navona, Rome
  • 14) Piazza Compo del Flori - FREE
    • Translated literally from Italian, means "field of flowers." The name was first given during the Middle Ages when the area was actually a meadow. Now it is a farmers market whose main product is flowers.
    • Location - Piazza Compo del Flori, Rome
  • 15) Scala Santa, Holy Staircase - FREE
    • The place where the world changed, literally. Scala Santa houses the Holy Staircase. These are the step Jesus Christ climbed to be sentenced to be crucified by Pontius Pilate.
    • Location - San Giovanni Laterano, Rome
  • 16) Trestevere - FREE
    • The heart of the Roman night life, Many in pubs, restaurants, clubs. Very reasonable prices compared to the tourist traps. It's a great place to go to watch people or the world go by.
    • Location - Santa Maria in Trastevere
  • 17) Aula Ottaganale - FREE
  • 18) Galleria Nationale de San Luca - FREE
  • 19) Casina di Raffaello - FREE
    • Kid's recreational center. 3-10 year olds play in the Birch Forest, do fancy dress, or build things in the Sala del Re Mida.
    • Location - Piazza di Siena, Rome
  • 20) Bocca della Verita - FREE
    • In reality, ancient manhole cover, but it is reality an ancient lie detector. Legend is that Roman wives brought there husbands and had them told them to put their hand in the mouth while asking them if they were faithful. If they lied they lost that limb.
    • Location - Piazza Bocca della Verita, Rome

  • Catacombe de Priscilla
    • The Catacombs of Priscilla were founded by a group of Christians belonging to a senatorial family. Only the first of the two levels, the older one, can be visited. This small space contains one of the first representations of the Madonna and Child, from the second century. After traversing the long tunnels, you end up at the Greek Chapel, named for the Greek writing on the walls. It is divided in the middle by an archway covered with frescoed scenes from the Old and New Testaments.
    • Location - Via Salaria 430, Rome
  • St. Agnes Catacombs
    • The current basilica stands over an early Christian catacomb. In the 4th century, the soft rock was hollowed out around Saint Agnes's tomb to create a gathering space, probably for her family to observe the anniversary of her death. The visits of her family and friends spread early to others in Rome, and the site became a place of pilgrimage.
    • Location - Via Nomentana, 349, Rome, Italy
  • Coliseum -
    • Over 160 ft high with eighty entrances, the Coliseum could hold upwards of 50,000 spectators. Public events such as gladiator fights, mock naval battles and wild animal hunts were held at the Coliseum.
    • Location - Piazza del Colosseo, 00184 Roma
  • Santa Maria Maggiore -
    • Santa Maria Maggiore is a patriarchal basilica dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary. The appellation of this church is confusing to many - it means that this is Rome's major or principal church dedicated to St Mary.
    • Location - Santa Maria Maggiore
  • Bone Church -
  • Tours 
  • Rome Free Tours
    • Three Free tours in Rome. See the Colosseum, the Vatican, and City center and just tip the tour guide what you think it was worth.
    • Location - PIAZZA DI SPAGNA in front of McDonald's
  • Terrabella Cultural Programs -
    • Your Italian immersion will be complete with guided historical tours of Rome, Montecassino, Caserta, Arpino, and environs which are especially rich in art, history, folklore and mythology. Tours will be conducted by scholars and historians. Here are other possibilities for your custom tour. Enjoy Italy with an airline employee who travels to Rome regularly.


  • Emergencies
  • US Embassy
    • Phone Number - 06 46741
    • 24 Hours - 06 46741
  • Police
    • Phone Number - 113
  • Fire Brigade
    • Phone Number - 115
  • Ambulance
    • Phone Number - 118


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