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Cheap Europe - Stuttgart

Find the Cheapest Food, Drinks, Hotels in Europe

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  • Weather - 5 Day Forecast
  • Drinks -
  • Classic Rock Cafe
    • Great Happy Hour, 2 .% Liter Beers for 3 Euros. Can't find a better deal than that. Daily Food Specials starting at 5 Euros. Atmosphere is like a Hard Rock with 70's and 80's Rock and Roll Music
    • Location - Eberhardstr. 22, 70173 Stuttgart
  • Calwer-Eck-Brau
  • Schellenturm


  • Snacks
  • Crepe Stand
    • Great little stand with delicious crepes. Great dessert place. Try the Nutella and Banana Crepe.
    • Location - End of Kings Street
  • Vizzani Bar - Gelateria
    • If you want a good dessert at a good price, this is where to go. The selection is huge.
    • Location - Rotebuhlstr. 100, 70178 Stuttgart
  • Rote Kapelle
    • Very hip Bar and Gelateria next to a very relaxing lily pond. Great  place to go and relax and have a great dessert at a reasonable price.
    • Location - Feuerseeplatz 14, 70178 Stuttgart
  • World of Kebap
    • Small shop just across from the Paulaner. Meals for around 3 Euros.
    • Location - Rotebuhlplatz 15, 70178 Stuttgart


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  • Best Maps - Easy Map, Laminated and foldable
    • Get Good free map in the lobby.
  • Travel Books
  • Tours - Herrenburg
    • Very fine little medieval city on S1 train (about 40min) This little town was not damaged in WWII and is delightful to visit. Check out the restaurant “Alt Herrenburg” ph 7032-23344. They have a web site and reservations are a very good idea.


  • Grocery Store -
  • Lidl -
    • Small Grocery store with very good prices on food and Alcohol.
    • Location - Breitscheid str. 12 70174, Stuttgart


  • Attractions -
  • House of Art - Free
    • Paintings and sculptures from the 19th
      century to the present day. Main attraction: Hölzel and contemporaries.
    • Location - Schloßplatz 2 70173 Stuttgart-Mitte
  • Viniculture Museum - FREE
    • Details the history and practices of wine making in the Baden-Württemberg region.
    • Location - Uhlbacher Platz 4 70329 Stuttgart-Uhlbach
  • Hegel House - FREE
    • Exhibition charts the life and work of Hegel, from his years in Stuttgart through to his death in Berlin in 1831
    • Location - Eberhardstraße 53 70173 Stuttgart-Centre
  • Church of St. Kilian - FREE
    • Built in the 2nd half of the 15th century. It features a unique renaissance church tower, which is the landmark of Heilbronn.
    • Location -
  • Linden-Museums
    • Free Wed. 5-8PM. One of the foremost ethnological museums in the world.
    • Location - Hegelplatz 1, D-70174 Stuttgart
  • Palace Square
    • One of the main attractions of Stuttgart. The Jubilee Column is in the center of the garden, it was given to King William I in 1841.Also other important monuments like a Cast-iron bandstand and other sculpture pieces made by Calder, Hrdlicka and Hajek. Center of Christmas Market
  • Old Palace Courtyard
    • The massive bulk of the Old Palace (Altes Schloss; by A. Tretsch, 1553-78; rebuilt 1948-69), with a picturesque arcaded courtyard.
    • Location -
  • Stifts Church
    • The Stiftskirche , with its two very different towers, was founded in the 12th C. and rebuilt in Late Gothic style in the 15th C. by Aberlin Jörg and others. In the choir can be seen a magnificent series of 11 Renaissance figures of Counts of Württemberg by Simon Schlör (1576-1608).  
  • Schiller Square
    • Flanking the Old Palace, with a monument to Schiller by Thorvaldsen.
    • Location -
  • Johannes Church
    • One of the most peaceful places in Germany. Situated on a pond, this church is a very serene spot.
    • Location - Gutenbergstraße 11 70176 Stuttgart
  • Schellen Tower


  • Airport Deals - Best Deals At The Airport
  • Duty Free 15% off with Credit, 20% Off with Cash for Airline Employees
  • Food
  • Backerei Konditorei
    • Unbelievably delicious and unbelievably cheap sandwiches and pastry. If that is not enough, take off 15%.
    • Location - Market Place Terminal 3, Arrival Level.
  • Hotel
  • Emergencies
  • US Embassy
    • Phone Number - 069-75350
    • 24 Hours - 069-75350
  • Police
    • Phone Number - 110
  • Fire Brigade
    • Phone Number - 112
  • Ambulance
    • Phone Number - 112


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