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 Cheap Europe - Athens



  • Drinks -
  • Drinks -
  • Metrapol Cafe
    • Here is where you can get a drink and some snacks after a long day of discovery. Situated at the base of the Parthenon on the Plaka
    • Location - Plaka, Athens Greece.
  • Snacks
  • Spiros Bairaktaris -
    • Sevres the best Gyros in Greece. It's so good, the Ex-Prime Minister's Bother goes there. All for under 2 Euros.
    • Location - 2 Sq Monastiraki, Athens Greece
  • Ti Ora
    • A little coffee shop right by the Hilton Hotel with reasonable prices. Great place to go to get some pastries for breakfast
    • Location - K.Vetriri 9, Athens.



  • Attractions -
  • War Museum of Greece - FREE
    • Exhibits items from famous Greek Battles, from ancient times to WW II. Open Every day except Monday: 9:00AM to 14:00.
    • Location - 2 Rizari St.Athens, Greece
  • Plaka - FREE
    • Right beneath the Acropolis, the Plaka has no cars and much culture. Great place to explore to see the oldest street in Athens, Adrianou Street, which has not changed since ancient times. Lots of color and character.
    • Location - Plaka Athens
  • Syntagma Square - FREE
    • Once the private Garden of King Otto's Bride, Now restored and returned to the beauty only seen by the privileged. Now housing the Tomb of the Unknown Solider and Parliment.  
  • Parliament - FREE
    • Location of Greece's Tomb of the Unknown Solider. Get there by 11 AM on Sunday to see the Changing of the Guards in front of the Parliament.
    • Location - Syntagma Square
  • Plato's Academy - FREE
    • Where Plato Founded his Philosophical school in 387BC. Anything and everything you heard about Plato started here, like modern Philosophy.
    • Location - Acadimia, Platonos Area
  • First Cemetery of Athens - FREE
    • Home to some of the most impresive graves you will ever find. Check out Heinrich Schliemann's Temple, Heinrich Schliemann
      Kassimatis' grave, with statuettes of Faith, Charity, Hope
      and Justice.
    • Location - Anapafseos Street and Ilioupoleos Street
  • Hadrians Arch - FREE
    • Constructed in 131 AD by Emporor Hadrians to seperate old and new Athens. On side has inscribed 'This is Athens, the former City of Theseus' and the other side has 'This is the City of Hadrian, not Theseus.'
    • Location -
  • Municipal Gallery of Athens - FREE
    • 2500 pieces of  20th Century Greek Art. Due to the size of the Museum, only part of the collection is displayed at any given time.
    • Location - 51 Piraeos Street, Athens
  • The National Historical Museum - FREE
    • Greek history and Folklore from 15th to 20th Century incorporating Greek scholars, Reign of King Otto, the Balkan Wars, the Asia Minor Campaign, Greek-Italian War, and their War for Independence.
    • Location - 13, Stadiou Street, Athens.
  • Zappeion Gardens - FREE
    • Once the Private garden of Queen Amalia, now a 15.5 Hector Public Garden. Contains Ancient Ruins, tambours, Corinthian Columns, and Mosaics along with several busts. Great retreat from the summer heat.
    • Location - Behind Parliment
  • Acropolis -
    • By the ticket and be allowed into many sites including the Acropolis Museum.
    • Location - Dionisiou Aeropagitou, Plaka Athens
  • Yanni Souvatzoglou  
    • Sculptures, ceramics, Paintings, Glass, and Jewelry. A favorite place of the crews.
    • Locations - 44 Voulis Str. Plaka Athens
  • Aegina - Small Island about 40 minutes by Hydrofoil from Athens leaving from the port of Piraeus.
    • Hellenic Seaways - Hourly Hydrofoil to Aegina. Last Boat leaves at 9:00PM.
    • Tropics - Small Snack shop great for Lunch
    • Aypa - Nice Restaurant for dinner right on the Aegean Sea. Dinner around 12 Euros.
  • The Psiri Area
    • This is the place to go to see the Nightlife in Athens. If you want to "people watch," go here.




  • Emergencies
  • US Embassy
    • Phone Number - 031 357 7011
    • 24 Hours - 031 357 7777
  • Police
    • Phone Number - 117
  • Fire Brigade
    • Phone Number - 118
  • Ambulance
    • Phone Number - 114


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