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Cheap Europe - Zurich


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  • Attractions -
  • Zurich Museum of Zoology FREE
    • A huge modern museums with all animals of the world represented. Incredibally interactive from the most informed professor down to children. One of the best zoological museums in the world.
    • Location - Karl Schmid-Str. 4, 8006, Zurich
  • Archaeological Collection FREE
    • Large collection of original pieces and plaster casts of archaeological discoveries from Egypt, Greece, the Etruscans and the Romans.
    • Location - R�mistr. 73 8006 Z�rich
  • Money Museum FREE
    • A virtual museum. See the history of Money from Antiquity to modern day currencies. Find maps where currencies started and their global history.
    • Location - Hadlaubstrasse 106 8006 Z�rich
  • Swiss National Museum
    • It was built by Gustav Gull in 1898, next to the Main Train Station. The National Museum houses Switzerland's most comprehensive collection of artifacts pertaining to its cultural heritage. FREE on the last Sunday of the Month.
    • Location - Museumstrasse 2, 8001 Z�rich
  • Zurich Toy Museum
  • Einstein's Office FREE
    • This is the office that Einstein worked at right after he published his theory of relativity. Now an exhibit in the medical museum, you can see where Einstein lectured students at Zurich University.
    • Virtual Breadcrumbs  
    • Locations - R�mistrasse 69 8006 Z�rich
  • Migos Museum
    • The Migros Museum f�r gegenwartskunst views itself a centre for ongoing arts production. It strives to integrate its collection within a lively environment that promotes and engages with the contemporary arts. Free on Thursdays between 5 and 8 PM.
    • Location - Limmatstrasse 270 CH-8005 Z�rich
  • Kunsthall Zurich
    • Free on Thursdays between 5 and 8 PM.
    • Location - Limmatstrasse 270 CH-8005 Z�rich
  • Cabaret Voltaire
    • Location - Spiegelgasse 1 CH-8001 Z�rich
  • Swiss Air Force Museum
    • A great museum of aviation from a natural country. Plenty of aircraft and aviation defense system. Even see models of their aircraft hangers in the side of mountains.
    • Virtual Breadcrumbs
    •  Virtual Tours
  • Expovina wine festival
    • 12 ships with national and international wines of high quality. With a daypass you can degustate wines from 12.00 until 22.00. On the ships you will also have a choice of different restaurants.
    • Location - B�rkliplatz


  • Transportation
  • Tram
    • Get at Hotel
    • 8 Swiss Franks
    • Make sure you time stamp at the Station
  • Zuerirollt
    • FREE Bikes, Requires a deposit and a passport. Free for One day.
    • Location -
      • By the Beer Garden near the Lake
      • Main Station - Velogate (federal state museum) Open All Year
      • Oerlikon - Swissotel
      • Globe Town Center
      • Opera House
      • Station Tightness
    •  Virtual Tours
  • Emergencies
  • US Embassy
    • Phone Number - 031 357 7011
    • 24 Hours - 031 357 7777
  • Police
    • Phone Number - 117
  • Fire Brigade
    • Phone Number - 118
  • Ambulance
    • Phone Number - 114



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